Monday, September 8

.we're one year old.

life is too short to wake up in the morning
wif regrets.

so lurve e people who treat you right,
and forget about e ones who dont

and believe that everything happens for a reason.

if u get a chance,
take it.

if it changes your life,
let it.

nobody said that it wud be easy,
they just promised it wud be worth it.

notakaki: hope for the best. prepare for the worst.

10 hugs:

mysterious Lady said...

peluk-peluk tahniah!
satu tahun dh lepas, 100 tahun bakal mendatang =)

[a.lady.named.shy] said...


syarul pelowk aku!!


yazrinayusoff said...

wahhh dah 1 taun keee!!! im happy for u both!

[a.lady.named.shy] said...


Shamsul Aizat said...

tepuk2. aku nak peluk gak. haha.

yazrinayusoff said...

aizat! jgn gatal! hahaha

[a.lady.named.shy] said...

aizat: pelukpeluk bantal peluk.

yat: u tanak peluk, org len maseh bole oke. hee. lari~

Shamsul Aizat said...

ala yat. jeles eh. haha

yazrinayusoff said...

ahahahah tidak langsung! okey2 peluk2 hahaha

[a.lady.named.shy] said...



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